Team JAM's Adventure “Must-Haves”

Photo courtesy of Kelsey McGrew

Photo courtesy of Kelsey McGrew

Whether it’s a family vacation, backyard camping or a quick after-work hike, the JAM team is full of tips and tricks for making every escape an adventure.

These days we don’t leave home without our Bluetooth speaker. Playing tunes keeps the campsite lively and the distracts the kids during more rigorous hikes. We even listen when we are biking around town.

— Deborah Pleva, Portland, OR


Extra socks! I’m THE WORST at crossing streams. I always inevitably end up shin to waist deep in water at some point on a hike. Dry socks can be a lifesaver.

— Amy May, Bozeman, MT

When I travel, I like to have tips from friends, a guidebook, a few reservations, a semi-plan, but like to not adhere to it too closely so I can spend a few days wandering around with no commitments. It’s great way to meet locals and find out new places from them. I also like to pack a few small California-themed gifts to give to the people I meet while I’m in their country.

— Julie Atherton, San Francisco, CA

photo courtesy of  Sara Murphy

photo courtesy of Sara Murphy

When we hike with our 4-year old we always try to take little breaks before he gets too tired. We also make up silly songs on the trail and that seems to help distract him when his legs start getting tired. The goal is to make it fun and create good memories and associations with being out in nature as a family.

— Rian Rhoe, Marin County, CA 

I love to travel internationally but refuse to check my luggage. Packing cubes in my carry-on are my lifesaver. Everything stays compressed and organized so you don’t have to completely unpack at every hotel. Plus I only wear black so there’s that.

— Julie Campagnoli, San Francisco, CA